Together BC is Making Life Better

March 21, 2019

I am proud to announce the release earlier this week of BC’s first poverty reduction strategy. The strategy is a shared priority developed in        consultation with the BC Green Party. TogetherBC, outlines programs and initiatives that will help reduce overall poverty in the province by 25%, and cut child poverty in half, over the next five years. Using a 2016 baseline, the strategy aims to lift 140,000 people out of poverty, including 50,000 children. Further poverty reduction goals will be established as these targets are met.

Developed with feedback received through an extensive provincial    consultation, the strategy is anchored by a number of key initiatives including the new B.C. Child Opportunity Benefit and Childcare BC, as well as other actions that will  increase household incomes. After so many years of social priorities being ignored and underfunded, we know we can’t solve this over night, but we have set the course and I look forward to working across all sectors to address the breadth and depth of poverty. Poverty is a  complex problem, yes, and it’s one that we can solve. To read the consultation reports and TogetherBC, visit w

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