Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House to Become Prototype Site for Affordable Childcare

November 22, 2018

As part of Our Governments 10 year ChildCare BC Plan, parents in Vancouver Hastings can look forward to a prototype site slated to run out of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House. This is just another way we’re making life more affordable for British Columbians where they work and live. ChildCare BC has introduced multiple initiatives to build on this progress, including the Affordable Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Reduction Fee Strategy.

First, The Affordable Child Care Benefit will help middle income families earning up to $111,000/yr save up to 1,250 per month, per child. Combined with the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative which allows families to save up to $350 per month, per child, BC families will have less to stress about, and more money in their pockets. For example; a single parent family with one dependant and a median income of $45,000/ yr can expect to save somewhere in the realm of $1,250—right now that could be what they pay already. This means that for some, the benefits would equate to a cost of $0/month.

When asked about the prototype site, Gary Dobbin, executive director of Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House remarked "Frog Hollow Neighbourhood House applied to be a prototype site because we know that there are parents at our daycare who struggle to make ends meet, while having to pay expensive child care fees. Also, we wanted to be able to play a leadership role in providing feedback to government about how the initiative is working, what could improve it and the impact it is having on families."

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House is also onboard with Hastings Park Child Care Centre. If you would like to know more about child care in BC, including how to apply for benefits or find child care in your area, please visit . For more information about Frog Hollow Neighourhood House and the various programs they offer please call 604.251.1225 or visit .

Too many families with young kids are struggling to make ends meet because of the high cost and low availability of child care. Now parents can have peace of mind when they pursue opportunities in the workforce.

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